The basis of competitiveness and success of the company LISS is applied development which focuses on the application of highly sophisticated and highly efficient technologies and materials that meet the high requirements for their function but also the economical and environmental demands.

With complex solution of both our own and shared development projects, and cooperation with universities and academic institutions we strive for necessary innovation of our processes, products, services and diagnostic procedures for quality assurance.

Company LISS is the organizer of International Conference Layers and Coatings, which is focused on the cooperation between scientific institutes and industry from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. We are a member of the Innovation Platform of Zlín Region.

Company LISS accelerate innovation for our customer and increases its development potential by construction of a new Development Center, which is co-financed by the OPEI providing grants under Priority Axis 4 Innovation, support area 4.2 Capacities for industrial research and development of program POTENTIAL, project number 4.2 PT03/387

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