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Hard PVD coatings specialist

We are providing the highest quality of job coating service of PVD coatings for tools and precision components in CEE markets since 1997. Our cutting-edge technology together with know-how and outstanding services are eneble to support our customers business to grow. Our coatings are very thin but extremely hard and reduce friction that significantly improve the performance and lifetime of your productes.


We are using PLATIT VD technology exclusively. Our coating equipment’s are working on the base of the conventional cathodic ARC evaporation but also LARC and CERC technology.

During deposition is solid material like titanium, chromium, zirconium, aluminium evapored by heat. The reactive gas-nitrogen is introduce to the vacuum chamber and it forms compound with metal vapour. The temperature during deposition is usually around 450°C. Compound is deposited on to the tools or precision components as a thin coating. The process is fully automatic and controlled.

Types of coatings


Successful application of the coating can be possible only in addition to correct choice of material, heat treatment and surface finish.

Almost every metal material such a high-speed steel, cold working steel, stainless steel, heat treatable steel, carbides, cermets, nitride steel could.

The heat treatment must be carried out so that the coating temperature (450 – 480°C) does not cause any loss of hardness or warping.

The surface must be bright, free of oxide layers and rehardening zone. Must not to be chrome-plated, burnished, steam-tempered or batch nitrided. We are recommending surface roughness max. Ra 0,4 for coating. After EDM cutting we recommending micro-blasting with Al2O3 for optimum adhesion achievement.

Parts must be free of abrasion dust, swarf, cleaning agent, residues and fingerprints. Parts should be demagnetize. Surface must be free of rust, paint, adhesive tape. The parts can by protected by protective oil without silicon, teflon, wax.

Cutting edges must be free of burrs. There are some limitation for coating of deep hole. The parts must no to be assembled, bonded.

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