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Optical coatings

Metallic coatings are versatile and are suitable for wide and diverse range of application. The deposition of metallic coatings is produce in clean rooms 10 000 class (ISO 7). Different colors and properties can be achieved depending on the choice of coating compound. Pure metals like gold, chromium and titanium are just suitable for use as colored metal oxide films. It is possible to produce logos, lettering, numerals, lines. With supreme precision of metal coatings on glass we can achieve microstructure by masking technology.


Optical coatings

Decorative coatings

Combination of Vacuum metallization/electroplating





Clean room
10 000 class

Clean room for photolithography
(process with photosensitive chemical photoresist on the substrate)

Pretreatment of substrates
(cleaning line for cleaning and drying of substrates, plasma cleaning)

Measuring techniques
(Qualitative optical parameters, geometrical optical parameters)

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